Monday, February 11, 2008

Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan.

That's the line spoken by a US Navy Admiral played by ex-presidential candidate Fred Thompson. A good move that was. Anyway I just happened to come upon The Hunt for Red October as it was playing on Spike or something. I hadn't seen it in a while so it seemed like a good a time as any. And why not, you got your Sean Connery attempting an Eastern European accent, aforementioned future presidential non-contenders, Tim Curry as a Soviet doctor, the North Atlantic, and of course references to the Battle of Jutland. All the ingredients you need for a post Cold War classic.

It just reminded me of how cool I thought it would have been to be a submarine captain when I was younger. Come to think of it I still think it would be a pretty cool job. Y'know manning the conn, shouting "20 degrees to port! Right full rudder!" "Fire tubes 1 and 2!", semi-controlling a multi-billion dollar arsenal, maybe a couple nukes, not like I'd have the authority to use them. Shit like that. Unfortunately I have no interest in spending six months at a time in a steel tube or the motivation to learn nuclear physics. Not to mention doing that for at least 20 years before getting my own command. I'll just have to settle for watching Red October, Das Boot, and Crimson Tide on a loop.

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